What is Maureen able to provide?

A fully developed business-case presentation that includes:
  • An Executive Summary
  • Background information on why it is needed
  • An analysis of the expected benefits
  • An analysis of the various options that have been considered, along with the rational for the preferred option (if possible)
  • Expected costs and scope, including the cost of time
  • An analysis of any potential risks of problems
  • An analysis of the benefits and/or risks associated with now doing the project
  • Recommendations for proposed next steps

Bespoke learning and development packages

  • On-line training courses that provide greater flexibility and lower costs
  • Day-long retreats/team building events
  • Telephone and face-to-face mentoring
  • Information and resources for company intranet pages, including access to free apps
  • Mindfulness introduction sessions delivered in-house
  • Tailored Mindfulness in the Workplace packages
  • 8 week face-to-face group classes
  • E-learning packages combining course materials and telephone or e-mentoring
  • Master Classes in the Application of Mindfulness
  • Executive Development Groups

Why should you book an appointment with Maureen?

She provides accessible and appropriate personal and organisational development interventions for SMEs that reflect their specific working conditions and support needs.

She is able to help you in addressing the following:

  • Stress management
  • Dealing with anxieties around job insecurity
  • Handling organisational change
  • Leadership development, especially skills in dealing with uncertainty and volatility


We offer:

  • a range of high quality learning and development opportunities.  We know we are not the cheapest but this is because our courses are designed and delivered by highly qualified and experienced trainers who draw upon rigorous research and recognised best in learner-centred training.  Our courses have been tried and tested and have been shown to make a real difference.
  • flexibility in how learners undertake course and welcome the opportunity to get to know our learners, building relationships with them so that we are better able to tailor our offer to their needs. To discuss your learning and development needs call Maureen on 07939 845920
  • a money back Guarantee if a course does not meet its learning objectives.