Why Invest in Business Training?

The report Management 2020 found that business training is correlated with the success of organisations as 60% of firms that are in decline do not train their staff or provide poor training compared to only 25% of those that are growing. www.managers.org.uk

According to the same report, the UK lags behind the others six members of the G7 in terms of productivity and also management practices.  The report found that due to the intrinsic link between management and productivity, poor management practice (which could be improved by training) is likely to be holding the UK back from achieving its true economic potential.

A report published by Cranfield School of Management and learndirect revealed that 64% of managers said that they think that weaknesses in leadership and management skills are preventing their firm from growing and 68% said these weaknesses were preventing staff from reaching their full potential. www.som.cranfield.ac.uk

What benefits can I expect?

  • Improved wellbeing and resilience
  • Improved relationships including improved collaboration
  • Enhanced performance
  • Better leadership
  • Improved decision making
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation
  • Organisational transformation via collective mindfulness

Four Areas of Impact

Four areas of impact connect the human benefits of mindfulness (on body, emotions, mind and community) with the business world:

  • Financial impact (operations, numbers e.g. reduction in sick days)
  • Human impact (wellbeing, stress, level of engagement, happiness of staff)
  • Mental capital impact (cognitive agility, creativity, inspiration)
  • Social impact (relationships, collaboration, connectivity, responsibility)

Chain of Causality

  • Input (action and investment – number of hours, sessions, budget etc.)
  • Output (how many people were trained, how many business units affected)
  • Outcome (what happened to participants e.g. reduction in stress?)
  • Impact (how were sick days affected?)
  • Value of the impact (e.g. saving to the business)